How To Hold A Successful Table Quiz

Hello everyone! I don’t know about you but I love a good table quiz so as I thought that it would be a great fundraiser. We here at TFPOF know how hard fundraising is so I wanted to write this post to hopefully make it a little bit easier.

1. Securing A Venue

This can be one of the hardest part of the whole procedure as you’ll find that a lot of people will say no.  Good places to try are pubs, parish halls and schools.  Also try any distant contacts that you have.  You can ring or email your ideal venue but going in and asking in person works very well!

2. Writing Questions

This part is definitely the most work.  I would recommend 8 rounds with 10 questions in each and a small break in the middle.  It is important to do a mixture of genres to appeal to all sorts of people.  The key is to write questions for the ages that are attending the quiz so it is enjoyable for your guests!

3. Prizes

I would recommend that you do a raffle on the night of the quiz as you will make a lot more money that way! To get prizes for the raffle go into shops and politely ask them to donate a prize. Most shops have budgeted to give out things as prizes throughout the year.  If you are giving money for first place at the quiz make sure each member wins more than what they paid to go to the quiz.

4. Reeling in the Guests

In order to have a successful table quiz you must advertise as much as possible!  Make a public event on Facebook and invite everyone!  Get people to share the page as well so more people will see it.  Make a poster and put it up everywhere in the area around your venue, especially in all of the local schools.  Post it in every group that you’re in and tell everyone about it.  Basically annoy people until they come!  People will more than likely cancel last minute!

5. The Evening

After all of that planning you want the evening to be a great night.  Get someone who has lots of energy and is lots of fun to ask the questions and MC the night. You should do about 2 spot prizes because they are a lot of fun! Sell raffle tickets at every opportunity you can because that will really help to reel in the money.  Have 2 or 3 people correcting to make sure it all gets done in time and have the scores on display.  During the break or at the end you should tell your guests what you are fundraising for and what they are supporting.

Hopefully this helps you!  We wish you good luck with your table quiz as we know the struggle!  Make sure you check out our last post on Nontouring! Goodbye! Xx


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