PS… Strobing Cream

image1Hey! So I found this product in Primark and I thought I should test it out for you!  It is a strobing hydrating primer from PS…

How to use it

I only use a pearl a little bit smaller than a pea and rub it all over my face with my make up. I put this on under my make up and it gives me an amazing glow!  When I use this I don’t need to use any highlighter because it makes my face so nice and shiny. It is also an excellent primer and keeps my make up on all day!


This strobing cream was an unbelievable €4 and you get 60ml for that!  It is an amazing dupe for the MAC strobing cream! The MAC strobing cream is €30 for 50ml and it actually does the same job!  I have never found such a good dupe before and am so happy with myself!


This product is definitely an essential in my make up bag.  This is an amazing product and it will be lovely in the Spring and Summer time!  I would give it 5 stars.  I really do not have a negative word to say about this product!

That is all for today!  I really hope that you buy this product!  Comment below if you have it or if you have found anymore amazing MAC dupes!  Be sure to check out our Instagram and the rest of our beauty posts. Goodbye! Xx




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