Over used Audition Songs

Hey guys!  This post is here to help you with the what song will I song conundrum, or what should I not sing conundrum, that we all go through before an audition!

If you are doing an audition with not that many people you should be safe singing these songs but if they are hundreds of people auditioning the panel will have heard these songs about a million times so I would suggest that you steer clear of them.

The first group of over used audition songs are ones from new musicals. I would definitely steer clear of new musicals because those songs are everywhere!image2

  • Hamilton
  • La La Land
    -Audition Song
  • Dear Evan Hansen
    -Waving Through A Window
    -For Forever

The second group of over used audition songs are ones from well know musicals that show off your acting!  I have been guilty of theseimage1.PNG

  • Les Miserable
    -On My Own
    -I Dreamed A Dream
  • Wicked
    -Defying Gravity
  • Phantom Of The Opera
    -Think Of Me
    -Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
  • Annie
  • Disney
    -Colours Of The Wind
    -When She Loved Me

So guys I really hopes that this helps.  I know that it is so hard to avoid these songs but do try as it will help you if you don’t sing a song that the judges have heard a hundred times! Good luck with what you’re auditioning for, I believe in you! Goodbye! Xx



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