How To Stay Entertained in The Bath

Hello!  I cannot be the only one who finds baths incredibly boring.  I get that you’re meant to relax and be at one with your thoughts and what not but I just get so bored!  So I have grown to love them so I will share with you how.

Okay so I would firstly recommend to light a nice candle to get you in the zone – I am obsessed with the Bath and Bodyworks Watermelon Lemonade candle atm.  I would also suggest that you pop a bath bomb into your bath.  I love watching them dissolve and the colours they leave your water.  Click here for our recommendations!

image2Ultimate Relaxation – Okay so I have found the key to total relaxation in the bath!  I’ve built up the courage to read in the bath and it is honestly the best thing that I have ever done.   I am so particular about how perfect books have to be so as you can imagine this was very hard for me!  There is honestly barely anything better that sitting in the bath and reading a great book.  I also can’t just sit and do one thing so I find it really hard to just sit and read without listening to anything.  Now when I read I put on a playlist of pop songs played on piano and it is so relaxing!


Less Relaxing – If you’re bad at relaxing don’t worry I have also mastered this too!  When I want to have a less relaxing bath I always do one of 3 things.

  1. Watching a showIf a new episode of my favourite show comes out when I decide to have a bath I will definitely watch it in the bath!  If not I will just watch an episode of Modern Family because that show never gets old.  I would not recommend holding your device over the bath and instead but it on something beside your bath.  Just taking photos of my bath stresses me out!  The things I do for you!
  2. Learn something off – I find the bath the best place to learn things if I need to.  There is literally nothing else to distract you.  I don’t let myself get out until I know what I’ve to be learning off by heart.
  3. Listen to a new musical soundtrack – I love doing this in the bath so much!  I think listening to a new musical is so exciting!  I would recommend Dear Evan Hanson or 13 for the bath as they are both only an hour long.  If you’re not into a theatre listen to a new soundtrack that you haven’t before or try get into a new artist!  I think  that the bath is the perfect place to listen to new music because you concentrate on the songs!

I hope you enjoyed that blog post!  I felt vey like Angelica Schyuler listing the 3 things there at the end! You should definitely try these things if you get bored in the bath!  Please follow us on Instagram (@TFPOF) and check out some more of our blog posts! Goodbye! Xx



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