Facing your fashion fears

Hey guys! So we all have things that we are scared to wear and we actively avoid wearing them! I am going to give you a guide on how to face your fashion fears!

My BIG fashion fear is body cons. I am unfortunately not fully happy with my body or weight. Body cons really show the shape of your body. I realised that I needed to at least face my fear, if not conquer it, when I needed outfits for going out and the only things really left to wear were body cons. Also I dance a lot so I do have to wear leotards quite often so I wanted to try get more body confidence.

  1. Half face your fear

So this sounds weird but I find it’s always best to test the waters before jumping into the deep end. So I wore skin tight tops before going the full way. Showing the outline of my top half helped before going the full way because if you think about it, I’d already done half the work.

2. Choose something nice

Choose your fashion fear with a design that you would die for. Choose something that you would be completely comfortable and confident in if it wasn’t your fashion fear.

3. Compliment yourself

Put it on and compliment yourself. This is one of the hardest parts! If you can’t find something, come back. Don’t give up, I know you look stunning! Hopefully you are feeling yourself in it though!

4. Let people see you

Wear your fashion fear in front of your friends. Even if you feel awful in your outfit your friends will not see it! When I wore my body con I felt awful and kept my hands in front of my body. I was so surprised but I did actually get a lot of compliments!

5. Upload a picture

This part was so hard and I actually was so scared to look at my phone. Take a photo of you  in your fashion fear and upload it online. It will give you such a confidence boost. I actually set it as my profile picture and surprisingly it was one of my most liked profile pictures.

6. Do it again

If you felt completely fabulous in your outfit make sure you wear it again! If you felt awful in your outfit, do it again! The first night I did it I actually cried on the night because I felt so uncomfortable so I knew I had to do it again! I did not feel confident in the 2nd body con dress but I didn’t cry! That was an improvement! I’m going to keep trying this until I feel confident.

I hope these 6 steps help you face your fashion fears.

Fear is just False Evidence Appearing Real

I really hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it helps with your confidence! Please check out the rest of our mental blogs for some more help. Please tell me if you will try this in the comments below and please give this a like! Also check out our Instagram for regular blog updates and to keep up with your blogger’s lives! Goodbye! Xx



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