Rose Jam Bubbleroon

First Thoughts:

This bubbleroon is beautiful in looks.  It is like a macaroon with pink creamy butter in the middle. Each end is a pink sparkly rose. The smell of this is amazing! It smells like sweet floraly jam. That doesn’t sound very exciting but guys, I didn’t even want to use it because I just smelt it all the time.

image1The Crumble

So bubbleroons are a little different to bathbombs in the sense that you crumble them under warm running water instead of just plunging it in. You could feel the Shea butter when crumbling as it was super smooth. It crumbled in really nicely.

The Bathimage4

The water was an amazing rose pink colour. The bubbleroon created amazing bubbles! I loved that. The water smelt unreal! I get bored in the bath and I didn’t want to leave the bath because it smelt so good!


After the bath my skin felt so soft and smooth. I felt so relaxed as well! The next morning I woke up feeling so nice and smelling so good. I am in love with this bubbleroon!

image6Thank you for once again reading another post. I think this bubbleroon is definitely worth the money! Tell us your thoughts on Rose Jam in the comments below. Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of our future posts and give this  post a like. Check out the rest of our LUSH reviews and check out our Instagram (@TFPOF) for more photos like the one on the left. That’s all for today. Goodbye! Xx


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