Primark Face Mask

image2Hello! So recently my skin has been a bit coarse and red so I decided to test out the nourishing & softening avocado & oatmeal mask from the Primark brand PS… This mask was only €1 which is very cheap!image4

It was green tinted grey in colour and smelt like a refreshing healthy breakfast!

One thing that was a negative was that there were no instructions! I tied my hair back of my face and squeezed the mask out of the pouch and onto my hands. I then swiped it onto my face with 2 fingers in a circular motion. It went on pretty easily and felt nice and cold. There image8was the perfect amount for a thick layer all over. As there were no instructions I decided to wait between 20 minutes and half an hour while I watched Clevver TV. The mask gradually got harder and stiffer. It began to crack as well. It became a tiny bit itchy but it was mainly just tingly.

image6I washed it off with cold water and a face cloth. It took a bit of effort to get off. My skin is now noticeably smoother and less red! It was nice way to have some me time! I would recommend using this face mask!

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