2017 Fashion Trends

Hey guys! I know we’re all hoping to have an amazing 2017. I’m going to help you get that amazing year by helping you to follow 2017 trends! I’ve given links for every trend from Boohoo.


So this year stripes are in which I am happy about because I don’t really have any stripes but it’s a style I’d like to get into!



So bralettes are back and I think we’ve missed them from 2015. I think if this isn’t too scandalous it’s a really nice trend.



image4So ELLE reckons this style will continue into the New Year and I’m not too sure how I feel about it.



Another shoe that ELLE says will come back are mules. I think if this trend is done well it will work.



Floral is back! Especially floral skirts which would be super nice if paired with a bralette top!



Is it 2012? NEON IS BACK PEOPLE! Making a comeback 5 years later. We’ll see if there was a reason it left!




Ravenclaws, 2017 is your year! Blue is going to be the staple colour of 2017. Is blue the new black?


I hope this will help you to be a fashion forward bean in 2017! Like this post if it did! Comment your thoughts on these trends and mention any we missed out. Check out our other posts and our Instagram, you know the drill! Also you can subscribe to our blog! Happy New Year! Xx


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