Purple and Silver Eyes


Hey guys! So for Christmas I got this palette from Inglot. It’s a freedom system palette which I love. The eye shadows are such and good quality and really pigmented.  These are the colours 308 M and 448 P. I think they are so pretty! I would have never thought of putting these 2 colours together but after seeing them together in the palette I realised that they are so nice together and that I have to make them work together on my eyes.


  1. I first put a white primer on my eyes to bring out the colours.
  2. I then used a white eye shadow as a base all over my lid to bring out the colours even further.
  3. I took the purple on a thin fluffy brush and put it in the outer creased and blended
  4. Using the same brush I then put silver all over my lid.
  5. I went back in with purple on the outer crease again and dragged it towards the inner crease.
  6. Keep blending!
  7. Pop some white on the inner corner!

This look is super nice and I’m actually really happy with how it turned out. You can easily dress it up or dress it down! I think you should all try it out and I would recommend the freedom system palettes from Inglot! Thank you for reading this, please check out some of our others if you haven’t already! Goodbye! Xx



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