How to Give Back This Christmas

Hey guys! I know we’re all very excited but we need to think about what Christmas is all about. We all love Christmas styles, presents and foods but we’ve got to the of the people who cannot afford to follow the Christmas trends. I think everyone should go out of their way at least once over the Christmas period to give back to the community. Here are some ideas for you!

Create A Food Hamper

So this one may be one to do in a group or one to get your whole family in on.  This one will take a bit of researching if you do not know of an organisation who collects these.  If you find one they will probably supply a list of things to put into your hamper if not just think of Christmas food essentials. These hampers are then given to families who cannot afford to make Christmas dinner.

Sponsored Jump/Marathon

This one is very flexible as you can alter it for which part of the community you would like to give back to the most. If you live along the coast (in a cold country!) people often get sponsored to jump into the icy sea. There are often marathons on Christmas day also. Taking part in these and getting people to sponsor you is an amazing way to give back to any charity of your choice this Christmas!

Create A Shoebox

I know that Trocaire is a one charity that organises these. Basically you fill a shoebox with little goodies that a child in a poor country will receive. This will make a little child’s Christmas very special as it should be!

Christmas Carolling

We all have the same carols running around our heads on repeat during the Christmas period so you might as well sing these songs out loud and raise some money for charity. You could either go carolling door-to-door or there are some areas where you can apply for a slot to carol sing. This would raise a lot of money for any charity of your choice.

Volunteer in Charity Shops

So charity shops are places that there are never enough hands on board. During the Christmas period the workers would much rather be spending time with their families or getting ready for Christmas. One day you should pop into your local charity shop and offer to volunteer now or another time. An hour or twos work could really make someone’s day and make Christmas just that little bit easier for somebody.

That is all for today. I really hope that you do try and do at least one of the things on this list. Please leave below in the comments any other ways you could think of give back to the community in the comment section below. This will be really helpful for everyone. I hope that you’re having a lovely December and please do check out our other Christmas blogs. Goodbye! Xx


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