5 Christmas Movies on Netflix

Hey Guys!  I hope that you’re enjoying Egg Blog!  Christmas movies are an essential for the month of December (and maybe even November!).  I am about to give you the run down of the best Christmas movies on Netflix.

Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas is one of my favourite Christmas movies so you can imagine my excitement when I found out how easily I could access it.  This is an animated, light hearted and heart warming movie!

Home Alone

Home Alone is such a classic!  It is so funny and a family favourite.  It is also features the newest president America.  If you have not seen this movie I am telling you to watch it this year!

A Christmas Carol

This another movie which Jim Carry killed!  He was so amazing!  This is an amazing adaptation of the original Christmas Carol.  It is rather scary at the end though!

Christmas with the Kranks

This movie is such a good Christmas movie that will make you smile and laugh!

Santa Claws

I thought I’d better include a movie with furry stars for all of our animal lovers out there!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and are enjoying the rundown to Christmas!  If you cannot get enough of Christmas, check out the rest of our Christmas posts.  I would highly recommend snuggling down to one of these movies with a honeycomb hot chocolate! Check out our Instagram and Pinterest too! Merry Christmas! Xx




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