Upping your Instagram Game

The Fundamental Principle of Fashion

Hello my dearest readers! As I am sure you are aware, earlier this year I took on the challenge of upping my photography game and now I have decided to take it that little bit further and thus, I will now be attempting to up my Instagram game as well! Here are some of the experts tips on how to up your Instagram game and net in those likes!

Background Info

I usually receive anywhere between 65 to 80 likes on my pictures. I have 383 followers. Currently, my Instagram looks rather messy and has no continuing themes or aspects.

The beginning

As we all know, Instagram is a dwelling for aspiring hipsters and thus, to truly fit in, my insta content must fit in to the world that is all about not fitting in…YIKES! Firstly, I took to the inter web to suss out what tips they had for me in becoming #iggoals. Below are the sites that I found most useful.

Key Pointsunnamed.png

  1. Only use natural lighting
  2. Keep a running theme
    throughout your posts
  3. Use clear, high quality images
  4. Use faded and contrasting tones for that ‘Tumblr Vibe’
  5. Download the entire editing section of the app store to achieve the perfect photo
  6. Put as much time into the caption as you did into the picture-it is the make or break point of the insta!
  7. Stay away from pre made IG filters as they look over edited.
  8. Be consistent and post daily for maximum follower loyalty.

It is safe to say, that after reading these posts among countless others, I was feeling rather intimidated!! However I pressed on with his challenge and downloaded all apps and equipment. My iPhone storage didn’t know what hit it!

After researching and downloading the specified apps. I began work on combing through my countless images and photographs selecting the 9 perfect specimens to entice and indulge my followers. Below are the final 9.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With all preparations made, it was time to post!

To be perfectly honest, the results were not as drastic as I had anticipated however there was a definite increase – esspically on the blog’s instagram. There was a 160% increase on the TFPOF instagram however there was only a 27% on my personal account using the same photos/

27% on personal

160% on blog

Although there was a definite increase in likes, there was also a definite amount of extra work put into the Instagram and it becomes more of a chore than a way to chill out. Perhaps for other people, they judge their Instagram based on the amount of likes reeled in but for me, it is all about making me feel something- an emotion, a memory, a happy thought. I think I may try and keep up this tumblr aesthetic but knowing me, it will probably revert back into an organised mess before the year is up! Well that’s all for this batch of banter- be sure to like, comment and subscribe, bye!


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