So White Bath Bomb

Hey guys!  So everything is better in the run up to Christmas, especially Lush products! Year after year I watched everyone’s Christmas Lush haul in awe.  The nearest Lush is a good bit away from me so I’ve never had a chance to pick up some of the range.  Luckily recently I was passing the shop and finally had my chance to have a proper look at the range!

Obviously I wanted to get my hands on all of the products when I watched everyone’s videos but there was one product that always stood out to me. So White!  Thinking about it I don’t really know why as I was only experiencing it visually and it was in previous years literally a white sphere!  I think maybe the simplicity is why I fell in love with it.  The other factor was that it was apple scented which is my favourite scent (well up there at least)!

This bath bomb was €4.95 which I actually that is quite good considering the size of the brand and it is a very high  quality product.  About 90% of the bath bombs are near to the €5 mark which I was really impressed with!

This year they have added a green leaf to the bath bomb to show that it’s an apple. Although it was cute I personally prefer it plain white. The inside of this bath bomb is beautiful! On the inside it is half blue and half yellow!  This of course added green into the mix as it fizzed.  It was honestly one of the most beautiful bath bombs that I have watched fizz. When it was done the water was a beautiful radio active green! It was amazing!

This smell was amazing! It was such a nice apple scent. It stayed for the whole bath but it was subtle enough that you didn’t get sick of it and not too subtle that you didn’t notice it. My bathroom smelt amazing after and so did I!  I put my pyjamas on straight after and they smelt unreal all night.  I really encourage you to buy this product!

That is all from us today! Don’t forget to open the 5th door on your advent calendar! Please leave a nice comment below and give us a like. Check out our social media and come back soon for another Christmassy post! Goodbye! Xx


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