15 ways to stay entertained this christmas!

Hello my dearest readers, The time of good itidngs and jot drifts closer and closer and with that the anticipation builds of how fabulous your christmas shall be. If you, like me have had mince pies and cinnamon scented candles on the brain since november 1st, then you’ll understand why i mean when i say ‘BIG expectations’. However you’ll know well as I do that once the day arrives, a sense of calm falls upon your household, there is but one thing left to do and that is to truly enjoy the holiday:

Bond with your Family

As you grow older, you will realise that when reflecting on cHristmas, your fondest memories lie not with the presents, nor with the food, but with your family and friends, and when it comes to christmas, that is all that anyone can hope for
  • Keep up and create Christmas Traditions, things such as buying the christmas tree, receiving new fuzzy pyjamas and watching a classic christmas movie truly create that warm feeling so associated with christmas.
  • Play board games and tablwalking-snow1.jpge games, the best way to stay entertained while still having a giggle!
  • Bake christmas treats or take on the mighty task of preparing the Christmas dinner! I personally, can burn toast and thus I am usually put in charge of brussel-sprouts and their famous counterparts!
  • Phone the family members dotted around the world and re-connect with one another.

Appreciate the day and all its worth

it’s easy to bury yourself in presents and material items but at any time, especially christmas, it is important to step back from the material world we have become oh so accustomed to living in and appreciate the greater things of the world!
  • Go on a walk in the crisp weather under the winter sun.
  • Do some work for charity, donate some clothes, volunteer at the local homeless shelter.
  • Make a conscious note to take everything on the positive side, even if the day isn’t going your way, stay happy and positive and spread your christmas joy.walking-snow1.jpg
  • Throw on some christmas classics and sing with your family, your friends and whoever else you may be spending the christmas holiday with!
  • Forget about stress and work, and things that need to be done, even if it is only for one day, live in the moment and appreciate how happy you are in the present.

Spread your joy


Christmas is one of the few times in the year when there is a notable uplift in spirts and ahhpiness. There is a sense of excitement, and tingling in the year, so much so that you fell that you can almost touch it, that you can almost cut some out of the air, place it in a jar and hold onto it forever!
  • unnamedSing carol
  • Give gifts
  • Open your home
  • Reflect on the last year of life and how you could improve it.
  • Be thankful for your, brothers, your sisters, your parents, your children and appreciate all that they do for you.
  • Enjoy yourself!





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