Kate Moss Lipsticks, A Christmas Product

Hey guys!  So when I hear Christmas lipstick I immediately think of Rimmel’s Kate Moss 107 and Kate Moss 01.  They are synonyms!  It just sums up Christmas!  It is all I wear in December so I thought I had to tell you all about it!

Kate Moss 107 is selling for €7.49 in Boots and it is absolutely worth the price! It is a soft berry toned red.  The colour reminds me of mulled wine. It is perfect for Christmas! It is not too dark that it is scary to wear.  It is actually the first bold lip colour that I have ever worn and I didn’t feel one bit self conscious while wearing it!

Kate Moss 107

The second Kate Moss product that I love, also selling at €7.49, is her Lipstick 01. A deep ruby red that truly brings out the christmas spirit on even the palest of lips! It is well pigmented and long lasting, and does not go flakey as other deep lippies that I own do!

They apply very nicely but they are dark so you do have to be careful when you’re putting them on or else they will get messy! As they are both rather dark lipsticks I would recommend you use a lipstick brush to apply them and if you have a matching colour, line your lips first!

Kate Moss 01

These are lipsticks that you need to bring out with you just to be safe! Around Christmas time, and Im sure you can relate, i spend the majority of he season eating and drinking and thus it is vital to bring the hippies with you to ensure fresh looking lips around the clock! Also, reapplying it is a necessity if you’re wearing it on Christmas Day as there’s a lot of food and drink. As it is dark it is noticeable when it rubs off so I would make sure to keep it close at hand!

 Another reason why these lipsticks are angels on top of the tree is because they are drugstore products.  This makes them wildly available and also very cheap!

I hope that you enjoyed this and cannot wait for Christmas!   I highly recommend that you do go out and buy them.  I hope you enjoy our countdown to Christmas.  Please check out our other blog posts and our Instagram!  Goodbye! Xx


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