Healthy Substitutes for your Favourite Treats

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Hello my dearest readers! The world that we live in is a fabulous place in many aspects however among many things, one thing that clouds our existence is food cravings. I am one of those people who crave the luscious hug of chocolate 20 4 7 and trust me, its exhausting!! However, like many people in the world, I genuinely feel that when i am in one of these craving moods, I simply cannot live without said craving which cannot be healthy!! Thus i have made a list of my favourite substitutes to step in for those devilish cravings that sweep the nation.

  • If you crave ice creams and frozen yoghurts, venture into the world of natural, unsweetened yoghurts and the possibilities that accompany them. I personally love a glass of natural yoghurt mixed with sunflower seeds, honey, berries and a dash of maple syrup!
  • If you like me, crave chocolate, then substitute some nuts! I am personally favouring cashews because to me, they have the nicest texture. The great thing about nuts is that they taste great and satisfy your needs however, unlike chocolate, they are substantial and keep you full for hours!
  • If you crave salty morsels, your body in fact wants calcium and would love to get it from greens such as kale and broccoli! A glass of milk and some fish may also sooth your cravings.
  • If you crave sweets then berries, grapes and cherries will truly trick your body into feeling happy!

But don’t take my word for it, here are some food craving charts that will back me up on my philosophies:





Well unfortunately that’s all for now ( I know that you’ll miss me and the sparkle I give to your life) But fear not, if you truly crave us here at TFPOF check us out on Instagram and Pinterest so that you can love us through all social media platforms!


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