How to have an energised start to the day

We all know that it can be harder getting up in the morning even if you are a morning person like me. Reading this will hopefully help you to get a more lively start to the day!


1. Alarms

  • I would recommend having more than one alarm so you can wake up a little bit and then by the time your last alarm goes off you will be less likely to sleep through it. I would recommend one 16 minutes before, 11 minutes before and then 1 more when you want to wake up
  • A key part to your energised morning is to have an upbeat alarm! If it’s a slow song it will not wake you up very well. My alarm is ‘Good Morning Baltimore’.
  • I also think you should wake up 10 minutes earlier than you need too. I know this one can be a bit of a toughy but it does mean you have a bit more time to do things and you have no stress because stress tires you out!

2. Water

  • So many people these days are dehydrated and it can truly have an effect on how sluggish you feel in the morning and indeed throughout the day!
  • I like to drink a pint of water in the last hour before I fall asleep and I always have a big glass of cool icy water in the mornings to wake me up.
  • Making sure that you are hydrated also speeds up you metabolism and your brains energy thus making you more on top of things and less likely to forget something that you need for school/work!!

3. Get Thinking

  • An amazing way to wake up is to exercise your brain!
  • I would recommend you put a passcode on your phone as it is a very small challenge for your brain but it’ll get it moving!
  • Playing a puzzle is an amazing way to get your clogs turning even just for a few minutes.
  • If you studied the night before try and remember something you learned because it’ll help your studies and help you to wake up!

4. Getting Ready

  • Listen to music when you’re getting ready. This will wake you up and make you happy. Everybody wins!
  • The night before don’t put everything into bags and just into piles. This is another fab way to get your brain moving!
  • The last thing I can advise to you is to have a very light and healthy breakfast. We have a blog post on Healthy Breakfast Bowls. A heavy breakfast can tire you out whilst a healthy breakfast can make you energised and it can keep you feel until lunch.
I hope this helps you night owls bring out your inner morning bird a little more! Thanks for reading this! Comment the ‘Zzz’ emoji on our latest insta. Check out our other blog posts and our social medias! Goodbye! Xx

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