Halloween Costumes DIY

Costumes that you would find in your wardrobe/closet that will actually look good

Hello my dearest readers, the month of spooky happenings is now creeping upon us and there is not a bean we can do to stop it so we might as well embrace it. Halloween is a time of haunting, of scaring, of séance preparing, but for our age, the main attractions of Halloween, are the parties, the costumes and the food but what happens when you’re ghouling to a party and you have not a thread of a costume prepared? You run to Pinterest and find extravagant “last-minute ideas” that require only a two-year period of preparation! So I have compiled a list of Halloween costumes that I have tested that actually look good and live up to their “last minute” name. I have used letters to show if they are group costumes, couple costumes and or single costumes.

Lets start with a flannel, a shirt with endless possibilities, my favourites being:
  • A Scarecrow (s)
  • A lumberjack (s)
  • Cowgirl/Cowboy (s,c)
Another great piece of clothing is a cutesy dress! There are many different routes you can take with a dress depending on how much you want to alter it, If its colourful I suggest:
  • A Doll (s)
  • A Fairy (s)
  • Any Disney princess that matches your dress (s,g)
  • A drag queen (s)
A white dress is incredibly versatile however I would suggest picking up a cheap one if you want to look scary so that you are able to destroy it!!
  • A bride (s,c)
  • A dead bride (s,c)
  • A 1950s nurse (s)
  • Cruella Deville (s)
  • A Snowman/Woman (s,c)
Loud and bright clothes are also your friends when it comes to Halloween!
  • 80’s character (s)
  • Smarties/Skittles (any other type of brightly coloured sweet!) (s,g,c)
  • Animal (s,g,c)
The final item of clothing that I will be using is a leather jacket, a truly amazing invention when it comes to Halloween.
  • Sandy/Danny (s,c)
  • Any other T Bird (s,g)
  • A Biker (s,g)
  • A goth/emo/punk (s,g,c)
And that is all for today I'm afraid, if you are truly stuck for ideas visit our Pinterest page where we give details on all of the costumes mentioned    above, feel free to like comment and subscribe, see you all next time for a     spooky batch of banter! x

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