Mixed Halloween Nails

Hey! So if you want to look like you’re putting effort into Halloween and want to do no work or want to add a little something extra to your costume, keep reading!

So we all know that putting on nail varnish is an insanely simple way to make it look like you know what you’re doing which us something at TFPOF that we love!  As it’s Halloween let’s spice it up and use bolder colours because it’s finally the time that you can get away with wearing those colours that you fall in love with and buy but are too afraid to use!

So for this look I used 4 different colours:

  1. Deep Black
  2. Light Black
  3. Purple
  4. Metallic Silver

I’ll get into how I used them all now!

1.  Deep Black

This is just a really dark black.  This colour is essential for getting that scary, dark Halloween look.  I used this on my middle finger and on my pinky. I used this twice because it is a bold colour.  I feel like using it twice ties up the whole Halloween look.

2. Light Black

This is a black that is kind of see – through. I put this on my thumb.  I think it is nice with the deep black.  It lets you keep black but adds a different colour to make this mixed look fab!

3. Purple

I’m not sure why but purple always reminds me of Halloween and witches so that is why I think it is the perfect colour for this look!  I used this on the finger beside my thumb.  The purple I used was a little bit iridescent and gave a really nice shine.  The purple adds a colour without making it too colourful.

4. Silver

Last but by no means least – metallic silver.  I used this on my index/pointer finger.  As it is so bright it contrasts with the black which is PERFECT for a mixed nail look!  The silver is a perfect way to finish off this look because not only does it mix shades but it mixes textures too!

I hope you try this out! Let us know if you did in the comments below. Leave this post a like please.  Check out our Instagram and the rest of our Halloween blog posts! I hope you’re getting more and more excited! Goodbye! Xx


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