Apple Shrunken Heads DIY

The Fundamental Principle of Fashion

Hello my dearest readers, Halloween is a fabulous time of the year, its all about being weird and wacky and generally being as wild as you can! I currently own three young apple trees and two are doing fine however, on the last tree, a blight was caught and the apples are inedible!! luckily, I love halloween DIYs and the one I am about to attempt is perfect for my diseased little apples! One of my favourite things about halloween is the decorations and so, today, I will be documenting my attempt at creating shrunken apple heads! Lets slay this!


Here is the tutorial that inspired me:


  • Peeler
  • Sharp Knive
  • Apples
  • Lemon
  • Salt


  • Preheat oven to lowest temperature possible!!!
  • Peel the apples
  • Carve out faces into the apple14550954_1794310324187693_1507470809_o
  • Dab lemon wedges in the salt and up and squeeze the wedge all over the apples -to prevent browning!
  • Lay the apples standing up on a baking tray on baking parchment
  • Place in oven and slowly dry them for about 4 hours or until they look completely shrivelled


  • Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 19.15.39.pngOne shrivelled you can begin to give them character, I sowed my apple’s mouths shut with darning wool and a thick needle.
  • For the hair, I threaded a loop of darning wool through a long needle, tied  a lot of ratty brown wool to the loop and dragged it through.
  • I tied a huge know [the beard] at the bottom of the wool so that it stopped going through the wool and would thus hang

I was really happy with my overall result and the cooking apple smell was an added bonus!!


Well thats all for now! Instagram us with your recreations, be sure to like comment and subscribe to see more posts like this one, happy haunting!! xx

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